What is Hoopers?

Hoopers Agility is a new dog sport suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. Unlike traditional agility, in Hoopers Agility the dog is led through the course from a distance, reducing the strain on the joints. This also allows older dogs to exercise physically and mentally since they do not have to complete high jumps.

The course consists of various obstacles such as tunnels, barrels and hoops, which can be adapted depending on the dog. The dog runs the course alone and follows the owner's signals, which can consist of verbal and visual signals. The bond between dog and owner is strengthened as the dog learns to respond to its owner's instructions even from a distance.

Hoopers Agility provides both physical and mental exercise for the dog as it trains his muscles, joints and balance while improving his concentration and problem-solving skills. The dog sport is suitable for all dogs, especially older dogs or those with mobility restrictions.

Training the signals and carrying out the exercises can take place on dog sports fields, in dog schools or under the guidance of a dog trainer. The course is set up on flat terrain and can consist of various obstacles such as barrels, tunnels and hoops.

Overall, Hoopers Agility provides a fun and low-impact way for dogs to exercise physically and mentally while strengthening bonds with their owners.

Here you can read and download the examination regulations or Obedience.