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Hoops XL 120 cm high, for large dogs
35,90 EUR
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169,00 EUR
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Hoopers Slalom XL for large dogs, 120 cm high
179,00 EUR
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Hoopers Gate made of plastic
36,95 EUR
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Hoopers Barrell
54,00 EUR
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Hoopers tunnel professional, ø 80 cm
Color spirals:
Tunnel length:
129,00 EUR
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360° grip color tunnel, ø 80 cm
Color spirals:
Tunnel Length:
155,00 EUR
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Feet marker, marking feet, 2 in a set, Colour red.
3,95 EUR
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Discover Hoopers for Your Dog Online – Order Hoopers Equipment for Dog Sports at Superhund Now

Have you ever heard of Hoopers for Dogs? If not, it's high time! Hoopers is an exciting dog sport that can bring a lot of joy to your four-legged friend. Learn more about Hoopers now and elevate your dog training with the right dog sports equipment to a new level.

Let yourself be convinced by the benefits of Hoopers! What is Hoopers?

Hoopers is a dog sport involving equipment that has rapidly spread in recent years. In this sport, the dog navigates a course consisting of various arches and tunnels. The unique aspect of Hoopers is that the dog has no contact with the obstacles. The dog skillfully navigates through the arches, tunnels, and gates in Hoopers. This is not only great fun for the dog but also promotes physical and mental fitness. Hoopers – discover Agility Equipment for your dog at Superhund

Here are some reasons that make Hoopers a great option as Agility Equipment for your dog:

  • Joint-Friendly: Hoopers is a joint-friendly sport. Since the dog does not physically overcome obstacles in Agility, it is less taxing on their joints. This makes Hoopers particularly suitable for dogs that already have joint problems or should be preventively protected.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Hoopers is suitable for dogs of all ages. Whether a puppy or a senior, your dog can enjoy Hoopers training. The course speed can be adjusted to the individual abilities of the dog.
  • Mental Focus: The sport requires high concentration and mental attention from dogs. The training strengthens not only physical fitness but also the dog's mental focus.
  • Strengthening Bonds: Hoopers is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The joint training with the dog sports equipment promotes trust and communication between you.

Superhund – Your Source for Hoopers Equipment

Superhund is your one-stop-shop for everything related to Hoopers and your dog. We offer a wide range of Hoopers Equipment so you can ensure you have everything for your Hoopers Training. Whether you're a beginner or already have experience in Hoopers Training, Superhund has the right equipment for you. From Hoopers Gates and Hoopers Gate to arches and tunnels – you'll find everything in our online shop to create your own Hoopers Course. The quality of the Hoops is crucial for the safety and fun of your dog. At Superhund, you can be sure to receive high-quality Hoops that meet the requirements.

The best part is that you can conveniently order the dog sports equipment from home. Superhund delivers directly to your home, so you can start training right away. Hoopers is an exciting dog sport. Training with equipment promotes your dog's physical and mental fitness. With the dog training equipment from Superhund, you can start with **

Hoopers** right away. Take this great opportunity to strengthen the bond with your dog and have fun together.

Discover the world of Hoopers and use the Agility Equipment to provide your dog with the athletic and mental activity he deserves!