What is Agility?


Agility is a dog sport in which dogs and humans act as a team and complete an obstacle course together in a set order. Originally developed as a show, agility has developed into a popular sport that promotes cooperation, fun and fitness between dogs and humans.

The course consists of various obstacles such as hurdles, tunnels, seesaws and slaloms, which the dog overcomes with the help of hand signals, body language and vocal commands from the handler. The aim is to complete the course quickly and without mistakes.

Agility promotes the dog's physical and mental fitness, strengthens its self-confidence and contributes to balance in everyday life. The dog handler learns to act with positive motivation and trust.

Almost all dog breeds and mixed breeds can do agility as long as they enjoy exercise and obedience and are physically healthy. A healthy structure is particularly important, so jumping and other stressful exercises should be avoided during puppyhood.

Agility tournaments take place in different performance classes in which dog-human teams can improve through success. Requirements for participation include membership in a dog sports club, dog vaccinations, insurance and health checks.

It is important to protect the dog's health by warming him up before training, keeping his muscles warm, and receiving regular animal physical therapy. Professional guidance is essential for a healthy introduction to sport.

Agility can create a close bond between dog and human and is a unique experience for both. It promotes teamwork, concentration and the shared enjoyment of sport.

Here you can read and download the examination regulations for Agility.